OP Testimonial Dec 27_2017

Testimonial Dec 21 2017

"Thank you for making my mother's stay at Oakpark so pleasant.  She really did enjoy herself and really enjoyed being catered to while she rested and relaxed and healed.  I was in twice to have lunch with her and once to bring her some things she forgot and had the chance to "check out her pad!".  She introduced me around to a lot of ladies she had met and played bridge with as well.  My brother and I are keeping our fingers crossed that our mother will make the decision to make the move into a home (preferably Oakpark).  I think she is convinced that Oakpark is the place where she would like to be."



-Jennifer C.

"I just wanted to send a short note to express my thanks to both the hardworking staff and the spirited residents (!)- of OakPark. It was a pleasure to meet so many of them during my short stay, while convalescing from my recent hip surgery.

In particular I would like to thank my meal mates for excellent conversation and their interesting stories-Roy, Joe, John and breakfast, Marion and Bruce, Noreen at lunch- and Mac for dinner. And to my occasional walking/crutching companions Helen and Yvonne.

It is a lovely community and I would highly recommend anyone in my situation making the effort to try and stay with you. "

All the best, 

-Spencer Massie


“I just wanted to take a few moments to acknowledge the phenomenal job that your staff is doing in the provision of care for a couple of your residents in particular. The superlative level of care provided by your facility staff, both prior to and during the shift nursing staff’s visits, was evident in the skin conditions of these two residents. The devotion and fondness that your staff shows for these two gentlemen was also apparent during each of our frequent shifts to turn and reposition them and provide personal care.”

—Marilyn, RN, CCM

“Even though I was sick, I very much appreciated everything about your residence. It was beautiful and clean, with lovely rooms, and what can I say about the food other than ‘C’est si bon!’ (It was delicious!) I wish to thank everyone I encountered, for their kindness and attention and most of all for their smiling faces, which reminded me that all people smile in the same language.”


“Thank you for all of your support. It has truly been a wonderful experience at Bridlewood Trails, and my father’s health and happiness has benefited from your wonderful staff and facility.”


“From the GM down, everybody at Bridlewood Trails has been amazing. People like Lauren, Dave, Nathan, Jason, Jill, Theresa, Cathy, Mirnani, Carolina, Gail, Lynn, you [Tanya Cullain, Director of Care] and the rest of the nursing and care staff come to mind, but I know that the whole Trails team was exceptionally caring, loving and helpful during a very stressful time for my family."

“Perhaps in your profession you become familiar with the sad progression of dementia and the ultimate necessary outcomes for a married couple. And perhaps you have ‘seen it all.’ But you and your group’s compassion, tenderness, humour, professionalism and love made this traumatic first-time for my parents and our family so much more bearable.”


“You really helped make the occasion of our mother’s 90th birthday a very special event. Thanks for everything.”